bodywork architectures approaches the body differently...

it is an authentic process with a clear beginning, middle, and end.


whether you are searching for a route out of pain or looking to optimize your performance, structural integration offers a new paradigm. 

 Structural Integration (ROLF)

offered in the traditional ten series format

Session 1 - 3   (Superficial Fascia)    

Session 4 - 7   (Deep Fascia)             *clients may book one appt @ a time*         

Session 8 - 10   (Integration

$170 per session
inquire about student, veteran, & senior rates
24 hr cancellation required or session charged 
cash - check - credit card

what to WEAR


women - sports bra / compression shorts / underwear

(please do not buy anything, swimsuit always an option, wear what you will feel most comfortable in...)

men - underwear / compression shorts 

what to EXPECT


each session will BEGIN with a quick assessment (gravity check), usually standing or walking, followed by fifty to sixty minutes of hands on (fascial) work respecting the recipe above. The work, is intense yet NOT painful. The ultimate goal, is length, which pain is absolutely not a requisite of. The conclusion of each session follows a similar format as the start, with a gravity check @ the END.


each session booked @ total of seventy - five minutes (50-65 min hands on)