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Bodywork Architectures wants you to expect different. Too often a body is approached as a system of parts as opposed to a whole integrated unit riddled with issues. We want you to expect to be treated as a whole body, one that regardless of beginning point is full of potential for change and alignment. 

(ROLF) method tradtional receipe


Session # 1 - 3  

   (Superficial Fascia)    

Session # 4 - 7

         (Deep Fascia)            


Session # 8 - 10  


this is Dr. Ida Rolf's original ten series recipe developed throughout her life

(1896 - 1979)

*$225 per session for *NEW* clients*
veteran, student, or senior rate

*current clients refer to greg for price inquiries *

24 hr cancellation required or session charged 

we accept paypal, cash, check or credit

payment plans avail post first session
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