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My perspective on mind - body health is shaped by the concept of the wounded-healer. An idea that healers begin inspired by experience,  journeymen on a personal quest in search of relief. Along my journey, I experienced different modalities of healing while studying anatomy/physiology & physics. Despite years of experience and study, the puzzle of pain and tightness in my body remained. Structural Integration not only restored my health, it to this day provides the foundation for ANY body to respond with ease and length.


By shifting the paradigm of the healing perspective from single site injury treatment to the ripple effect of the major segments of the body, comfort can be attained. By aligning the major segments of the body in gravity, pains are dissolved, while the ground reinforces your posture. Feelings of constriction and tightness throughout the body become memories, when you find the "line". Once found, the line will serve as a marker for self adjustment to allow gravity to reinforce your structure from the ground up. 

This work is different, for many reasons, yet the main one is that no matter what has happened to the body, we work the ENTIRE body to achieve total body relief. Nothing happens in isolation in the body, relief at a single site area is ONLY achieved by unwinding the entire structure, at a fascial level. We start with session one, to begin the process and end with session ten. Each session has a purpose and specific role in the overall process. That being said, receiving even one session, gives a body more order than zero sessions. To achieve the optimal relief all ten sessions would be completed to unwind the entire body and dissolve many aches and pains. Many people have sought relief say for back pain, in the back, yet they are still in pain. Perhaps, the key to unlocking that pain is elsewhere.....let us here @ Bodywork Architectures show you how this work can unlock your pain......

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