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meet rachel

I’m a born and raised Vermonter, oldest of three sisters, plant mama, mandala creator, and lifelong student of the human body. I didn’t find Structural Integration and Structural Integration didn’t find me; we found each other when we were ready.

my story

I’ve worked professionally in both business and wellness settings, ranging from accounting and insurance to personal training, wellness coaching, and barre instructing. While business work leaves my soul searching to help people, traditional wellness methods leave my soul searching to help them more. My movement journey includes sports, snowboarding, running, power-lifting and yoga, as well all the glorious injuries and compensation patterns each gifted my structure. My sedentary journey is biased largely in the way of sitting, lots of siting in office chairs.

I knew within minutes of feeling my teacher’s healing hands and heart that I was home. I’d spent years dabbling with various marketed fascia tools: rollers, balls, etc., and while I was far more impressed with their ability to soften tissues than stretching alone, nothing ever released and stayed calm the way I truly wanted it to. Enter Ida’s 10 series, “the recipe,” this brilliant, systematic template each practitioner and client body can navigate together. I am perpetually honored, humbled, and grateful for each opportunity to connect with a client through this work, to see what change we can create together.

Learning the work


Auditing Fall 2020 w Greg Garcia @ VT

Practitioner Spring 2021 @ VT

Apprenticeship with Greg Garcia @ VT since 2020

The Art of Integration w Neal Powers 2021 @ NY

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