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why Structural Integration? 

Imagine if we fashioned the body around a vertical line in gravity. This body would not only spend less energy daily, it would accomodate compensations including injuries in a different way. Enter into the perspective of (SI), structural integration. 


Currently most treatments are reactive and limited to the site of breakdown. Take for example, ligament damage in the knee. While the knee is the site of the breakdown, it is not necessarily the origin of the issue. Does it not seem half hearted to only treat the end result, the ACL tear, and not the origin of the issue? This is where (SI), differentiates itself from other forms of bodywork. Gravity is the therapist, and we help by working with your body, not on it. Once guided by a trained (SI) practitioner, the body has a beautiful way of finding natural and lasting alignment. 


(SI) is about treating the whole being as opposed to a summation of parts. You are deserving of more alignment in gravity, resulting in improved comfort and ease in your body. Change is possible, pain does not need to be an ongoing part of life, it can be a memory.  

what is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration, is a form of holistic bodywork. The essence of rolfing is simple, arrange a body around a vertical axis and gravity will take care of the rest. Luckily, we are all given a spine which functions as our vertical axis. It is in the arrangement that lies the tricky part. 

It all begins at birth, the potential complications of a body can begin at the beginning of one's life. the patterns of movements that we mimic often begin in childhood, add in injury and resulting compensations the body's arrangement has almost no chance of growing into a balanced, arrangement around its own vertical axis, the spine. Think of a tree that is planted that is beginning to grow sideways at an early age. Stakes will be planted in order to help the tree find vertical during early growth to help achieve maximum potential. 

Structural Consultation

Call or email to schedule your complimentary structural analysis offered in Burlington, Vermont. Come, find out more about this lasting holistic healing. If you are tired of back, knee, or any chronic pain, try something new, try Structural Integration offered by Bodywork Architectures here in Burlington, Vermont. 

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